Spend less time filling out forms in person and more time playing! Reading and filling out our forms before you visit us will be a huge time saver for both you and our staff. We highly encourage it in order to maximize the time that your pups get to play! Printed copies of all forms will also be available at Barx Parx anytime you'd like to reference them or grab a copy to take with you.


In order to use the indoor dog park, daycare or boarding facilities, dogs must have proof of their spay/neuter and of current vaccinations in addition to passing a behavior assessment. Owners must also go over the park rules and regulations, agreeing to our terms before using the facility. Forms that must be filled out can be found below if you would like to read them and fill them out prior to coming to Barx Parx - we highly recommend this. All pet medical records can be emailed directly to: [email protected].

  • Facility rules form - COMING SOON!
  • Customer information form - COMING SOON!
  • Medical information form - COMING SOON!
  • Boarding form - COMING SOON!
  • Daycare form - COMING SOON!

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